The Key Factors Of Football Pitch Renovation 

football pitch renovation

The key to top-quality sports pitch maintenance, is using the right equipment. Here at Parkway Ground Maintenance, our expertise in football pitch renovation is backed up with state of the art equipment. The equipment is designed to carry out specific tasks quickly, and accurately. This means a higher quality, longer lasting sports field. Plus, some considerable time savings. This can be crucial when getting facilities ready for key dates. For example, the start of a season, or the beginning of a new term. 

The sports field can be your organisation’s most valuable asset. Correct sports field maintenance is essential. It can add as much as 30% to the life-span of pitches. Proper care helps it withstand extended high use, as well, it provides a safe playing environment for users of the pitch.


When it comes to football pitch renovation, here’s what we recommend: 


One of the most important factors in sports turf maintenance is to correctly manage, and schedule, an irrigation program. It is important that watering (irrigation) of the fields is timed correctly. How to do it correctly, will depend on the time and season.


Quality sports field renovation needs to include an efficient and adequate nutrition program. Fertilising, in conjunction with a watering program, and other turf maintenance processes, is an important step to ensure healthy grass for sports fields.

When preparing a fertiliser program, it’s important to consider what the grass requires. You must also consider the requirements of the soil to support healthy turf growth. The general rule of thumb for plant nutrition should be ‘little and often’, and only applying nutrients or fertiliser when necessary.


Aeration is a process that should ideally be undertaken on a quarterly basis, for football pitch renovation. Regular aeration minimises compaction levels on sports fields, and reduces surface hardness. This can increase a field’s safety from a usability perspective. From a turf perspective, aeration allows greater water infiltration and percolation through the soil profile. Using a combination of ground breaking and verti draining, creates pathways for oxygen and nutrients to reach the root system. 


Wherever possible, you should undertake light scarifying before, and after, the playing season. This is an important football pitch renovation process. It involves the removal of the dead thatch layer, accumulated over a playing season.


The control of foreign weeds in sports fields is also an integral part of ongoing turf maintenance. Weeds can cause harm to the grass, as well as spreading aggressively and preventing growth. By using our top-quality spraying equipment, combined with knowledge and experience, we can nourish the grass whilst removing any negatively impacting weeds.


Mowing is one of the most important football pitch maintenance operations. It can dictate the appearance, health and vigour of the grass sward. The height of cut and how often the grass is cut, will affect the balance of the grass specie. The playing surface will be greatly affected by the removal or return of grass clippings. Therefore, having experienced football pitch maintenance contractors to mow the pitch, is essential.


Football Pitch Renovation Experts

As trusted football pitch maintenance contractors, we maintain a large portfolio of football pitches. We understand the importance of a healthy, high-performing pitch to obtain the best possible playing conditions. With our extensive knowledge in football pitch renovation, and specialist equipment, we will ensure you have a pitch to be proud of.


Parkway Ground Maintenance Services

Our services include preparation of pitches, after game pitch renovation, surface aeration, deep aeration, grass cutting, over-seeding, turfing, top dressing, fertilizing, controlling pests and weeds and fine turf maintenance. For more information about our football pitch renovation services then head to our website today. Or, call 0844 5611044 to speak to one of our ground maintenance specialists. Alternatively, you can email us at


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