Getting you through the winter months!

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As the dark nights commence and the mornings consist of de-icing our cars, our focus shifts from summer sports and pitches to our winter grounds maintenance services. These winter maintenance services include snow ploughing and gritting.
The Winter season for us begins November 1st and concludes in March.


Grounds Maintenance Services | Covering You Through the Winter Months Too

We offer several grounds maintenance services throughout the winter months. This includes Fencing, Sports maintenance & repairing, and Line marking. However, alongside these, we are also on-hand to keep your grounds safe during winter with our flexible gritting and snow ploughing services. We appreciate that it can be tough to maintain your grounds during winter. Luckily, Parkway Ground Maintenance are on hand to ensure your site remains safe during those colder months. Here’s why you should trust Parkway Ground Maintenance services.


We Tailor Our Services to Our Clients

As we often experience, a ‘one glove fits all approach’ is not sustainable or meeting the needs of our clients. Therefore, we offer services that are tailored to suit each client that we facilitate.


Our Clients Come Back Each Year

Our reputation has enabled us to gain some of the biggest gritting contracts across the Midlands.  have repeat contracts, which are due to carrying out the service we promise and to the high standards our clients expect.


We Invest in our Machinery and Equipment

Here at Parkway Ground Maintenance, we invest in our machinery and tools which means we can get the job done! We ensure we are well equipped for all of our services and can be prepared at any time, without the hassle of having to hire from other suppliers. Therefore, we can be more flexible than other contractors.


Committed Workforce

Our team works tirelessly to ensure our clients’ needs are met. We offer a 24/7 gritting service because our team are dedicated to keeping your environment safe and fit for purpose!


Communication is Key!

We understand that our clients deserve a complete understanding of our services. We aim to ensure that they are happy with every aspect of the service.


Experience is Knowledge

We have over 30 years of experience within the trade and carrying out these services. Parkway has grown considerably since its beginnings. This is down to offering the highest standard of service and value for money.


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