Safe and Secure Fencing For Schools

fencing for schools

Fencing for schools is an incredibly valuable asset. Fencing helps to protect your students. It also helps to increase the pride students, staff, and the wider community feel for your school. From the fencing around its perimeter, to the main entrance gates, anyone visiting gets a clear impression of a schools’ commitment to safety and security, well before stepping foot inside the grounds. 


The Importance of Fencing

Schools often have state of the art equipment, but this can make them more vulnerable to crime. Unfortunately, valuable technical items can make schools a target for theft. Schools have traditionally been seen as soft targets for vandalism and arson. 

Fortunately, there is a very effective solution: security fencing. Parkway Ground Maintenance has provided fencing for schools around the country for years. Our experienced staff know exactly what fencing will meet the security needs of your school by doing a simple site survey. We are particularly proud of our V-Beam fencing, which is an ideal choice for schools and commercial businesses. This type of fencing is a cost effective way of enclosing areas and keeping them secure. Our metal security fencing prevents unauthorised entry to the school. It protects pupils, staff and visitors from accidents and injuries,  and deters theft, anti-social behaviour. It also reduces the risk of malicious damage.


Why choose Parkway Ground Maintenance?

At Parkway Ground Maintenance, we understand that schools need to maintain a safe and secure learning environment, without looking like prisons. Our fencing for schools not only look good, but also protect and secure the area. Parkway Ground Maintenance is one of the UK’s leading fencing contractors in Birmingham, with many years’ experience in school fencing. We offer a comprehensive service. As well, all our installations are carried out by our highly skilled and experienced installation team. All of our operatives have received the latest health and safety training and have enhanced DBS checks.


Get in touch today

The safety of students is paramount and school fencing is the most important of the available security measures. Every school has its own needs and challenges. Therefore, we look at every school on a case by case basis. Our highly experienced team can assess your requirements and recommend the most appropriate metal security fencing. This will help to ensure a safe learning environment for students. 


It’s important that you get your new school security fence designed and built by the experts who know fencing inside and out. So call our school fencing contractors today on 0844 5611044 or email  For more information about fencing for schools, head to our website today. 

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