Parkway Ground Maintenance | Why we invest in our tools and equipment.

In just under 12 months, Parkway Ground Maintenance have invested circa £100K on their tools and equipment. Dean McDermott, managing director, believes that investing in the right tools and equipment will develop Parkways growth and increase their already exceeding standards as one of the leading ground maintenance companies in the UK.

Fully equipped

Across 2019, Parkway have purchased some of the most advanced tools and equipment on the market such as, Rigby Taylors Tiny line Marker, Majors Hydraulic mower and most recently the GKB Ecodresser. Discussing the investments, Dean explained “It is massively important to have the right tools and machinery to give the best standard of work. This year we have invested in some great kit and our clients have been able to experience the full benefits of these investments. ” Discussing the Ecodresser Dean explained “We had begun looking into recyclers in general and we then came across the GKB Ecodresser. We had heard some top reviews on the machine, and we had already purchased other tools from GKB such as their sand spreader and the fleet artificial grass brush, both of which had been top quality and second to none. GKB are a company that we have built a great trust, through the use of their products.”

Enhancing our sports ground maintenance services

In order to stand out from other ground maintenance companies, the investment in high quality, industrial grounds maintenance equipment is vital. Sports field maintenance is one of our most popular services, and with the GKB Ecodresser, we can provide the highest levels of pitch renovation. The GKB Ecodresser works by extracting the desired dressing soil from the existing upper layer. Since you are using the dressing soil from your own sports pitch, you prevent unwanted soil and seeds from entering your pitch. The Ecodresser is equipped with a cutting roller, which ensures minimal operating damage to the turf. The hook tines extract the dressing soil from the present upper layer, these hook tines are equipped with slipping. The coulters, which ensure the aeration of the upper layer, are spring-loaded. In order to prevent damage from stones in the pitch.

Why choose Parkway Ground Maintenance?

Explaining the benefits of this purchase, Dean adds “This treatment will save our clients a considerable amount of money, if their pitch is made up correctly for the machine. It will save them the cost of root zones/top dressing as well as carrying out a level of aeration during the treatment.” Continuing, Dean goes on to say, “We have held a demonstration of the Ecodresser at a well-known private school, they were so impressed with the results, that they have already requested this treatment on six of their rugby pitches for the next three years.”

Dean is confident that the Ecodresser will bring further success to Parkway, he continues “There are plenty of pitches and clubs that will benefit from this machine, and the competitive price to carry out these services. We are so impressed with the machine and we are looking forward to our clients continuing to benefit from these results too.”

As experts in ground maintenance, Parkway are committed to investing for their clients and these purchases allow them to continuously increase their services and exceed quality standards. “Our clients are our priority and by investing in the right tools, we are catering to their needs”. He concludes “We are over the moon with the results that we are seeing, and we have built solid relationships with some of the best suppliers on the market. We are looking at further products and tools for 2020 and are even looking into a range of battery powered tools”.


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